Rolex (Rolex) - Rolex watchmaking technology

Rolex self-winding movement Oyster watch is another major feature, is born in 1931, the self-winding mechanism - constant swing pendulum thallium. This unique system is the foundation design of every modern automatic replica watches uk.

Rolex movement With a high degree of precision performance, automatic winding Oyster-type movement by Rolex alone carefully crafted. Each strong and reliable movement, can ensure long-term stable performance, each rolex replica is Swiss official certification of the timepiece.

PARACHROM hairspring The accuracy of the watch depends on the built-in balance wheel. General balance wheel hairspring to strong magnetic alloy, it is difficult to resist the magnetic field and impact. After five years of research, Rolex use of paramagnetic alloy, creating a blue Parachrom hairspring, not only from the magnetic field, the seismic capacity is enhanced ten times. In the history, the blue gossamer will only be arranged in the most accurate timepiece, to show respect; now, the innovative gossamer also distributed blue light, to ensure your replica watches precise perfect, perfect further.